About Us: Liz & Paolo

We honestly love creating a sense of family with complete strangers. We seek common ground, that shared laughter, and the warmth and trust that is gained with like-minded folk. In our travels, we’ve noticed two main interests that unfailingly unite us with others: Music and Food. Thus, the goal is to continue to share these passions of ours as we travel on, meet new people, and create meaningful experiences with those willing to a part of our musical and culinary journey.

Share the Music Project – with Liz Petra

Through Music, Liz pursues candid personal expression and aims to connect with others emotionally and intellectually. Liz has a soulful talent for singing, harmonizing with others, and a willingness to just get out there with only her and her ukulele. Having lived in Hawaii for 3 years, she often sang at a restaurant called Lava Java; and most recently, now back in the States, she has been hosting open-mic nights and talent shows in Yosemite National Park, performing as well. As she continues to work with new people, she has been inspired to start a “Share the Music Project.” As Liz and Paolo travel, Liz will be uploading episodes to her Youtube channel (UkeGotLizzy link) of interviews with local bands and individual musicians, which will appropriately end with impromptu jam sessions. The main goal for the “Share the Music Project” is to promote and inspire local artists, to connect and create, wherever Liz and Paolo go.

Culinary Podcasts – with Paolo Todisco 

Food is a conversation starter and never fails to bring people together. Paolo has been shaped by the food industry since he was a kid. From family dinners to watching TV food shows, he stumbled into the restaurant business at 16 years old, making his way from dishwasher at a bagel shop in New Jersey to a Sous-Chef in Hawaii under the award winning Hawaiian Chef Glenn at Kenichi Pacific. Paolo now finds cooking to be most fulfilling when he can share the process of creating new and exciting dishes in a community-conscious way. Paolo’s Podcasts (link coming soon) will be comprised of interviews and wisdom from chefs, cooks, and anyone yielding a passion for food. The podcasts aim to express the intricate and invaluable nature of being a culinary creator, touching on topics of hardship, success, motivation, and how anyone can get involved in truly loving their food. 

Through the Journey: WWOOFing

On May 10th Liz and Paolo will be traveling from Yosemite National Park through Oregon, Washington, Colorado, then across the country to the East Coast, intermittently stopping and working at organic farms in a work trade program called WWOOFing (World Wide Organization of Organic Farming). They plan on learning all they can about organic farming culture and how it affects the culinary and creative arts. Liz, a vegetarian, particularly plans to learn all she can about sustainability and process, with dreams of having her own farm in the future. Paolo, an omnivore, hopes to learn what it entails to take care of animals in the most humane way possible. Through both of their experiences and what they will inevitably learn, they hope to share the subtle yet complicated nature of food and livestock, our relationships to them, and to even discover music in the most unexpected places.

Along this journey, we hope you will join us, ask questions and help us create a more food-conscious and musical world.


Liz & Paolo

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