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we posted 3 more videos check them out

Liz and I Have been behind on our journal but we have lots of videos.


Journal Entry #1

These journal entries are written by Paolo and Liz. They are unedited, raw, untouched, uncensored entries that will give you a more personal look at their experiences and how they react to situations. In this, they hope to speak their mind with an openness of disgorged words. No organization, no judgment, just pure honesty. 

written by Paolo

It is the week of Easter 2017. Liz’s sister Erika and her boyfriend Tim came out to visit and we took them on some adventure hiking. (Back story) we have been living in Yosemite National Park for 2 years and we have been all over this place. Working and living here is a trip. The people you meat meet and the things you do are experiences you will have the rest of your life.(end back story) With that said I have turned in my 2 weeks notice……. That’s right we are that close to our journey. To prepare we have cleared our place of a few useless things and began selling our major items. We also made some adjustments on the bed. (another back story) We built a bed in the back of our car.(end back story) Liz was the mastermind of the bed and she is writing a blog of full detail that she will be posting soon. We also have been working on our first videos. For the youtube page. We will announce when they will be coming out. The realization that we will be living on the road working on organic farms and seeing some national parks along the way is a thrill. I just read a quote (from the book “4 hour work week”) “What we fear most is usually what we most need to do”. I believe we are starting to see life this way and I can’t wait to jump into our fear and be excited about it. Here are some photos from this past week. Check them out!! (Pictures are down below)

written by Liz
First journal entry! Erika and Tim visited (my sister and her boyfriend) I believe I ran her into the ground! (sorry Erika) Not realizing I’ve been up here in the woods and getting used to the harsh conditions and taking into consideration that some people aren’t as in shape to deal with the intensity and high altitudes up here! What an epic adventure though also met up with our friend Jeff along the hike which was nice. Had a picnic by the raging waterfalls!! Being outside is one of the best things for me especially when going out with amazing people! We got some great shots that we will share! As we draw nearer to the realization of leaving, signing our resignation papers it makes me have pretty serious anxiety. I need to learn to calm myself down and it is very difficult for me! I find though when I get out and quit adulting life is much more relaxing! Paolo found a book called the 4 hr work week and we are definitely looking forward to the new life we are about to embark on! Hopefully, by the time we leave to our first stop in Santa Barbara, we will have a video up but deadlines are damn near impossible for me. No worries! We will succeed as long as we keep our eyes on the prize……..right……(looks nervously around)…ha ha….. ha
Well, things to look forward to in the future of this blog:
⦁ At least two videos by the time we are on our first farm
⦁ A few UPDATED adventure journal logs (that’s this)
⦁ A video giving a tour of the car bed we made
there’s probably more but I can’t really think straight! Too many things to do and sell! Can’t wait to really get this show on the road!!!!!!

“The Fear”

We wanted to start our Journey Before the Journey with “The Fear” because fear is something, lately, we have become very aware of and want to further understand.
Paolo’s POV
I feel the challenge I will have to face with this journey is the fear of failing. I believe the ways you can fail are endless. I also know that it is the same in succeeding. I could fail by not posting great content, not having enough money to continue, not enjoying the moment I am in, and not pushing forward because times got difficult. The funny thing about looking at the ways of success is they are mostly just overcoming the failures that we will face. I am a person that moved from New Jersey to California, then jumped ship from California (with the love of my life Liz) to Hawaii. (Why? Because we wanted to.) I became a Sous Chef and an Assistant Manager with hardly any education but the lessons I learned from hard work, dedication, and being an apprentice to others. Was it easy? No, sometimes it sucked. It also showed me that pushing myself into something that is unknown will rip me apart and put me back together. If I looked at the bad and said “I can’t do that” then I would not be as strong as I am today. I used the mistake I made as guidelines to lead me through the next challenge. Failure to me is a challenge, that is why in the beginning of this paragraph I called it such and not a defeat. So with that experience, I will look at “The Fear” with my head held high and say “Challange Accepted”.
“You push because it won’t move if you just stare at it.”-Paolo
Liz’s POV
        “When one lives with fear one is broken before one begins to live.” Wrote James Fray in his book A Million Little Pieces, funny how the topic we chose to write about shows up in my life when I need it. Oh, how I loathe the thought that fear could destroy my dreams. Fear is beautiful. It is a door with open-ended opportunities and that’s scary! I always try to make my own outcomes, so I build the situation. Where can things go wrong and why are they wrong? Maybe it’s the direction I was supposed to go into in the first place. Fear is silly to me because I think of all the years fear has held me back from sharing my music with others and there are so many missed opportunities! When I was 19 I went on a trip with a great friend of mine. We went to The Leaning Tower of Piza and the guy said to me “You can go to the top for $5 but you have to go now.” I asked my friend if he wanted to go and he didn’t want to and because of my FEAR to do things by myself, I didn’t go. UH HELLOOOO you can’t normally walk on the leaning tower, BTW! From that moment on I vowed that I would never let my fear harbor the life of regret! When I walk on stage to play an open mic night(which is the absolute #1 scariest place to be for me), when I ask someone if I can play with them, or even just walking up to someone to tell them about our blog is scary! Think about the reasoning behind the fear. I am afraid I will get judged or someone will laugh at me. Well, if those are the kind of people that will stop me from creating a dream or living a happy life then I say BA HUMBUG to you! You might as well stop reading our rant and move on with your life. Fear is but a form of energy, a powerful force that you can manipulate to turn into positive useful energy! The fear we have for our blog’s success will be regenerated into an energy we will gift and share with others before and after our journey’s end.
“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.” -Suzy Kassem
Love Liz & Paolo
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